Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stockpile Saturday

I was extremely busy Thursday, so I missed Thrifty Thursday... then I was driving to Ohio with Adam & Sara yesterday so I missed Fun Photo Friday AGAIN (not to mention I don't really have any pics with me to share... but I will improvise) and now today is a soccer day but I am out of town so I have to miss soccer again (last week was due to our yard sale).

Thrifty Thursday:
I went to a mom's coupon night at a friend's house followed by the Grey's Anatomy season premiere. I learned a bit while I was there.

I am already using baseball card inserts to organize my coupons but another good idea is the paper size inserts to hold coupons related to specific stores... not the manufacturer's coupons. That way you don't have to go through your mass amount of coupons to find the ones for a specific store.

You also want to find coupons online. There are two that I learned about while there. The first is SwagBucks. You go there and download the toolbar for your computer and anytime you want to go to a website type it in there. It is like a bonus to Googling. An offer will sometimes pop up when you type your search word or phrase and you will get SwagBucks that you can add up to purchase things. For instance, a Wii game is only 118 SwagBucks or you can save your bucks for something bigger/better. I have not done this yet but a friend has and she just purchased some cute pony tail holders for her daughter with her SwagBucks. The second is I am not quite sure how it works but I know you have to buy the coupons. I know... why would I want to PAY for a coupon! Doesn't that defeat the purpose? Well no... it doesn't. You are still saving way more than you are spending especially when you can get things for free or close to free from using the coupons you buy. What internet sites help you save money?

Fun Photo Friday:
I was going to post a video of Kadie scoring her first soccer goal but the computer is being weird and won't copy and paste what I want. So instead, I am going to post some random phone pics I took.

And for Saturday:
I have a wedding to go to! My cousin is getting married for the second time today and I am looking forward to actually getting to attend this one! Now to get off here and get ready for the day :)

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