Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What's for Dinner Wednesday

That is a good question!

Once again, I forgot to take anything out for dinner. That is not to say I didn't already think about it... I am just forgetful. Sorry to ruin any image of perfection I may have imposed upon you, my loyal readers. I am, in fact, not perfect. Surprise, surprise!

Anyway... so since I have failed to take anything out for dinner I have decided to go the easy, yet yummy route. Breakfast for dinner! I mean, who doesn't love having breakfast for dinner. It won't be anything elaborate like eggs benedict or strawberry crepes but it is sure to please my wild and crazy bunch.

Pancakes or waffles, is now the question of the day.

Pancakes are easy and quick. I can make them whatever shape my kids so desire. In the past I have done snowmen, Mickey Mouse, bunnies, clovers and even letters for their first day back to school. They love it. I can even color the batter with food coloring to make it even more fun. Lots of times we throw in chocolate chips and cover the pancakes with powdered sugar. Not exactly the healthiest dinner (or breakfast for that matter) but they are oh-so-yummy!

Waffles, on the other hand, are my preference. They are easy but take a bit longer to make in the waffle iron that only delivers two waffles at a time. Not that I am complaining, cause I love my waffle iron but waiting 5 minutes or more for two waffles is a bit, well, time consuming. I also don't do all the fun things with my waffles. They are just cooked and served then topped with butter and syrup. Just the way everyone loves them. I could throw in some food coloring to mix it up a bit too I suppose but generally we just go with the plain ol' waffle color.

I would throw in some bacon or scrambled eggs to go with our waffles or pancakes but this mom has some grocery shopping to do. Another reason pancakes or waffles is the way to go for tonight's dinner. My shopping list keeps growing and growing... we need lettuce, eggs, butter... oh crap! No butter for our pancakes or waffles.... at least we have syrup, right?!

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Christopher And Tia said...

We had breakfast for dinner last night too! Only... I planned it that way, hehe. Sometimes I like to have dessert for dinner, which people typically have for breakfast, so, if you can call banana bread french toast with a cream cheese filling, a breakfast, than, yes, thats what we had.