Friday, June 25, 2010

Adventures in Hair Dye

Today I let my friend talk me into dying my hair again... this time I went blonde (again) with a two pink stripes in the front. Mind you this is not the first time I have had hair this color but the last time was 15 years ago. And we used kool-aid! This time we went with the real deal. The good stuff from Hot Topic. And it went something like this...

Around 1230pm Trista showed up to dye my hair. I had two boxes... one medium blonde and the other medium auburn. I went with the blonde so we could do a pink stripe instead of the red with a purple strip since Trista has purple in her hair. We decided next time we would swap :)

We ran out of dye but managed to cover my hair and let it sit for 15 minutes. The box said 10 but we gave it a little longer for good measure since we were covering up red. It didn't work... my hair was now a strawberry blonde and not light enough to look good with the pink, so Trista ran out to get some Color Oops so we could "start over" and then the lightest blonde she could get.

We had the leave the Color Oops on for FORTY MINUTES!!! Saying this stuff smelled bad is an understatement. It smelled like a cross between rotten eggs and dirty diapers. I had to open the window and plug my nose. I was in my bathroom and Trista could smell it downstairs... it. was. bad. It worked though... for the most part. It took out the red but the blonde was now a nice yellow. Sadly we didn't think of getting any pictures until we were already fixing it with the new blonde.

Another 20 minutes later and I had blonde hair. Now it was time for the pink but it was after 5 o'clock so John was stuck making dinner. That didn't make him too happy. By the time we finished with my hair John and Jacob had already left for baseball and the rest of us had to eat dinner before we could go.

I brushed out my hair and blew dry it for the 4th time today and pulled my new hair back into a ponytail. I didn't have time to do anything else and I really liked it like this. I even put on a hot pink shirt and still have hot pink nails from my last mani/pedi. It really turned out good and I don't think I got any funny looks.

This is going to be awesome for 80's night and I feel 15 again and I LOVE IT! But if my hair falls out, Trista is buying me a wig... a good one too :)

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