Monday, June 21, 2010

Just So You Know

It may seem like I am purposely not posting a blog on Sundays... but I wish that were true. Sundays just seem to get away from me. It is our "clean whatever needs cleaning" day and we usually just spend the day together as a family.

Yesterday was such a busy day that I didn't have much time to get on the computer. We didn't get up until 1030am, ate "breakfast" at noon and then at 2 I had to rush out the door to get a birthday present for a birthday party that started at 3. When I got to the party and met up with a friend she handed me her phone. Apparently, I had left mine at home and my husband was calling to let me know his mom would be there around 6... not 9 like originally thought.

That may seem like an honest mistake... a bit of dyslexia, if you may. I assure you, it was not. It was a case of, "Hey dad, what time is mom going to be in town?" to which he replied... "Not til late, around 9 or so." Then the husband calls his mom to see where she is, what time she will be here, etc etc, to find out that she already left and would be here around 6. Oops. Guess he isn't taking the girls to the park... he has to clean! And on father's day!! Double oops.

I must say, he did an excellent job. I was very impressed. I even left the birthday party early so I could come help and he didn't have all that much left to do. I made a bed, picked up a bit of the kitchen that had gotten messy again and then started dinner (which we ate just shortly after the mother in law arrived).

After dinner we took a ride out to Scott County Park to see where Jacob would be spending day camp this week with the boy scouts. We found it without getting lost in the ginormous park... woohoo! Then we came home for some popsicles, but not before stopping to get me a tall caramel lite frappachino hold the whip :)

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