Thursday, June 3, 2010

Liar, Liar

Mediacom's pants were on fire!

Ok, so they don't really have pants... but they did lie to us.

On Sunday, my dear husband accidentally cut through the cable line. Of course it had to be on a holiday weekend and we were not expecting anyone to come out until at least Tuesday. However, the nice lady on the phone assured us that someone could come out THAT. VERY. AFTERNOON. I was about to be head over heels in love with a cable company! Then they didn't show...

At 7pm, my hubby called back and this time he was told someone had tried calling us twice. I looked all over for my phone after he talked to them and found that I had no missed calls which prompted John to call them back, AGAIN. Only this time he was told he was lied to... not once, but twice.

There are no techs that work Sundays and the soonest they could get anyone out would be on Tuesday. Not this person's fault, but she apologized profusely and set us up with an appointment for Tuesday afternoon. Ok, so we could wait a couple days since we weren't expecting a quick service call on a holiday weekend in the first place.

Tuesday rolls around and I make it a point to be home by noon to wait for the cable guy. Again, a no show so John makes yet ANOTHER call to Mediacom. This time he was told that no one would be able to make it out because of a commercial outage that would prevent us from getting any service anyway (I am assuming here because the lady was not clear but obviously nothing was going to be resolved with attitudes and choice words). She told us we may have someone come out on Wednesday but probably not until Thursday. So, another appointment was scheduled... this time for Thursday, between 3 and 5.

I tried napping and kept the phone close by anticipating the call saying they were on their way (which is what we were told would happen). No call and still no tech at 4pm. They still had another hour but I wasn't going to hold my breath and was ready to scout alternative cable/internet providers. Then the doorbell rang!

Finally, they were here and my faith in them has been restored. It didn't take but 5 minutes for the cable guy to splice our line. A quick tv check and resetting of the modem & network adapter and we were back in business. Woo! How good it feels to be back in the land of the living.


SciFi Mama said...

Glad they finally got it fixed. Monday we switch from Comcast to AT&T Uverse. I'll let you know how it goes. I like the idea of 1 DVR, records up to 4 shows at a time, and we can watch it from any TV in the house. Very convenient when I want to watch Dr. Who while folding laundry in the bedroom.

Bri said...

I have heard good things about AT&T Uverse. The laundry folding in the bedroom thing was one of the reasons we got a big tv and bluray player in our bedroom... that and so I can snuggle with the hubby to watch a movie.