Thursday, June 17, 2010


I am lying in bed this morning and as I am trying to go back to sleep I remember that I have been terrible about blogging this week. I have been a day late with all my posts (but backdating them... sneaky, huh).

So to get on top of things I start blogging in my head. Have you ever done that?! Or maybe it was an email, or letter, or a conversation you wanted to have... you just start saying what you want to say in your head and it just flows so easily.

I was half way through my WFD blog and thought to myself... if I sit here too long thinking about what I am going to write, then I will forget it by the time I actually get down stairs and start blogging. So I jumped out of bed and got right on it. It didn't turn out exactly like it played out in my head but it was still a decent entry.

There really wasn't much of a point to this blog except calling myself out on my deceitful blogging, but I just wanted to share on time, at least once this week. So like it says, "Blogging with Discipline, regular writing, occasional brilliance." This was just a regular writing :)

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