Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Almost every day before coming home from work I get a text from my husband asking, WFD, what's for dinner. And up until recently I always knew. I had a menu with two weeks of dinners planned out and all I had to do was consult that. Now it seems my answer is always, IDK, I don't know.

I forgot to take something out, nothing will be thawed within the hour and what can we make that is quick and easy. Lately we have been really good about cleaning up the leftovers in the fridge. So good that my fridge looks empty without any in there. On the plus side, it has kept us from wasting food. Another common dinner around here has been breakfast. Pancakes, corn fritters, eggs and even cereal some nights.

Makes me feel like a crappy mom for not having a better dinner planned, so last night I took out some hamburger. It had been forever since we had tacos and that was what I wanted. I didn't make them the same as I usually do... with taco seasoning... but with chipotle seasoning this time. On whole grain tortillas too, instead of regular flour tortillas.

The kids loved them! I was surprised that each and every one of my kids ate their entire taco. Even Lexi, the pickiest eater in this house, ate her whole taco. She didn't ask for seconds, but she did say she liked it after asking why it tasted different. I was pleasantly surprised and extremely happy to know my daughter is giving different things a chance rather than just saying she doesn't like it and refusing to try it.

And since I was such a good mom for dinner tonight, I decided to pull out dinner for tomorrow too. Tomorrow we are having crockpot roast. Mmmmm.

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SciFi Mama said...

We do weekly menus as well. I find we spend less money at the grocery store and have better meals when we do. And I totally heart breakfast for supper. It's going on next weeks menu as soon as I write it.