Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bad Soccer Mom

In seasons past, I was always taking pictures... I attended every game... I took videos and cheered loudly into the camera. I was a great soccer mom and I loved every minute of it. Maybe that was because I HAD to be there...

John wasn't always able to and I had to make sure he didn't miss anything. This year he is Lexi's soccer coach and is able to stay home with all the other kids when Adam plays so I can actually relax and watch the game. When you are taking pictures you don't actually get to watch the game and see your kid play. So all the memory you have of that game is in pictures which don't always hold the same emotions as actually seeing the game. So I took it as a nice break to be able to actually watch my kids play.

I confess, I have been lazy with attending things now that John is home all the time. I can send him to games, school functions, and to the grocery store for milk when we run out. It just makes life so much easier... and less chaotic. It almost makes me forget how I did it without him. So maybe this soccer mom isn't so much a bad one... but a dependant one. I depend on my husband to give me that much needed break even if it is just me taking one kid to a soccer game, drinking my coffee and not taking pictures.

It is a break I welcome but it's not the soccer mom I want to be. Next season I promise to try harder... take more pictures, cheer louder, and post videos on YouTube for the world to see. And maybe I can even talk John into coaching again... yah, probably not.

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