Friday, June 4, 2010

And... You Are?

All day I was thinking of things I could possibly post on my blog and now...


Can you believe it?! No????!!! Well, I can. My brain is complete mush these days. I am lucky if I can spit the right kid's name out before going through all of my options (and some that aren't even mine). Imagine calling out to one of your kids and wondering why they aren't answering only to find out you were calling them by the neighbor kid's name.

Ok, well I'm not that bad... yet. I am getting there though. I, seriously, cannot remember anything anymore. Ask me my soc. or birthday and I spout off John's. Not that that is unusual for an Army wife considering we need those two numbers so often that that alone makes my brain hurt. Just today I forgot my own phone number. It's getting crazy.

I swear I have a brain tumor... or early onset Alzheimer's. Alright, stop your laughing. But you know it starts with pregnancy brain... then it's mommy brain... and what then? Will it ever end? Seriously... will I ever get my brain back? Because... well... damn, I forget what I was going to say :)

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SciFi Mama said...

It's OK, Bri. My grandmother had 8 kids, plus half the county running in and out of her house. By the time I came along, the 2nd grandchild, she couldn't keep any of us straight either. As a child I answered to Kenny (her youngest and only a few years older than me), Eileen (my mom's name), Glennis (one of Granny's 4 girls and the one I'm most like), and Nancy, the 1st grandchilds name. We knew who she was talking to. I'm happy to say Granny is in her late 70's and now calls us ALL by the right names, even her great-grandkids.