Monday, June 7, 2010

I Expect More

In every relationship you get what you give... at least that is the way it should be. It doesn't always happen that way and it drives me a little crazy.

Mostly I am talking about friendships. Doesn't matter if you have been friends for 18 years, 18 months or 18 days... if you are friends, then you are friends. You expect to be treated the way you treat your friends.

I think I am an excellent friend. If someone needs a babysitter for mom's night... I offer my husband. No, seriously, I do. He usually agrees. He is awesome like that... because he is a good friend. He knows that if we want someone to watch our kids that we have to watch their kids at some point too.

I am always willing to help. If I am out shopping with a friend and they forget their debit card... I cover their total. If my friend wants a date night with her hubby and has no one to watch her plethora of kids... I do it. No questions asked. I even feed them dinner if they haven't eaten yet. Someone needs to borrow a vacuum, a car, a stamp... I am offering what they need. It is just who I am and it makes me expect more out of my friends.

So it kinda bothers me when I ask a friend for help... no matter how small or large... and they turn me down. Or completely ignore the request altogether. Do unto others, right?

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Angela said...

Do we have some of the same RL friends? I decided a while back to drop the people I consider to be toxic from my life. Things have definitely improved since then. I've made better friends of people who were always there in the background. By getting rid of the not so great ones, I discovered 2 really great ones. Quality over quantity, right?