Monday, June 28, 2010

What A Weekend

Did you miss me??? Nah, didn't think so. But that's ok. I can still torture you with my pointless blog about my crazy life as an Army wife and mom to 5 kids. So there, you have been warned.

This weekend was jam packed full of fun... and pretty cheap fun too.

Friday was my hair dying adventure. If you missed it, you must check it out here. It is probably way funnier to me and Trista and probably would have been even funnier with pictures but we didn't think that far ahead. John had to get dinner ready while I was finishing up with my hair and then we all rushed out to Jacob's last baseball game.

The game was a good one. I think they lost... not quite sure but they don't tell the kids who won or lost. It is about having fun and learning how to play, after all. Jacob had a nice hit before we got there, struck out twice and then had another nice hit. He was batted into home and made a nice throw from center field to third base holding the runner at third instead of allowing the run to come in. He really enjoyed baseball but says he didn't enjoy it enough to play next year. We shall see though. He will likely play basketball in the fall so he can see how he likes that.

Saturday was the Quad Cities Air Show. John took the boys and went with a friend and his sons out to the airport for a hot, muggy and loud day. They didn't see many of the air shows but saw a lot of stuff on the ground. John got some good pictures of the boys on the Army helicopters and tanks and even some of Jacob doing push ups for the drill sergeant. Jacob and his friend got to man a couple of boxing robots and in the video I was sent on my phone I can hear Adam crying cause he wanted to do it too! They had a good time but ended up leaving early because of the heat.

While the boys were out enjoying the planes, we were in side shopping. Went to Old Navy first to use my rewards coupons. They were offering 30% off the entire store and I had $40 in coupons. I came away with almost $70 worth of clothes for me and the girls for only $5. After that we headed over to the mall for some random stuff for our 80s night. We went to Claires and found a hot pink shirt and lime green suspenders. We then met up with Kristina and her kids, and the guys at Spencer's before heading over to Hot Topic. Those three stores are like the ultimate 80s headquarters. We sent the boys home and then enjoyed some smoothies from Bubble Tea.

We were at the mall so long that the kids were starving so we had to get home for dinner. We made the kids some leftovers, John and Jacob went to the baseball picnic to get Jacob's trophy and Trista sent Jason to get us some chinese food. Mmmmmm. The rest of the night is a blur and I wasn't even drinking HA!

Yesterday was our road trip to the Chicago Southland Lincoln Oasis. Sounds like that would be a blast, right?! Not exactly. It is just a bridge over the turnpike with restaurants in it. We were meeting my mom there so she could take Jacob and Kadie for the week. It was a lot of fun though. Trista and I sang along to Britney Spears and all the Alice in Wonderland songs and talked about anything and everything we could think of. We made a stop at a gas station in the middle of the smallest town in history and stocked up on goodies for the ride home.

We got home around 6 last night, I got caught up on Facebook and then went to bed. I was exhausted. Next road trip, Trista drives :p

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