Friday, June 11, 2010

Lexi's Dilemma

A couple weeks ago, Lexi dropped her High School Musical piggy bank and the bottom corner broke in several pieces. She brought it down for her dad to fix but we didn't have any super glue so it sat on the counter until a couple days ago.

This morning Lexi took it upon herself to fix it. She improvised and used some nail polish. So proud of herself she just had to come show me in the kitchen. I admired her handy work and then came her dilemma.

"Mom, what do I do with the piggy bank that is in my room?"

You see, we had an extra piggy bank and I gave that to her until we could get hers fixed. I told her to just leave it for now until I figured out what to do with it and she turned around to go back upstairs.

That's when she got her answer as to what to do with the other piggy bank....

CRASHHHHHH!!!! Her bank slipped out of her hands and shattered into a million (ok, maybe not that many) pieces and there was no way it was getting nail-polished back together. Our hands flew to our mouths and then we both started laughing. Guess we now know where that other piggy bank is going... no where!

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Special K said...

oh boy!!!! Good story