Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Just Saved a Bunch of Money...

by shopping at The Children's Place!!! TCP is having a MONSTER of a sale!!! Everything I bought yesterday was $5.99 and under. I got tons of stuff for the kids. Some for now, some for next winter. I could have spent way more than the $126 I did spend. My hubby was thankful that I didn't though and while I love shopping for my kids, they really don't NEED that many more clothes. I am sure come next winter (depending on where we are) they may need lots of stuff but I just can't spend the money now and try and guess what will fit them then. I am already thinking that both Adam and Sara will be in 4s next year, however, at the rate Sara is growing I wouldn't be surprised if she made it to a size 4 before Adam did. She already wears anywhere from a 24mths (which seem to be getting too tight and too short) to a 3t (which usually fit fine in the waist but are too long).

Anyway, on to my savings... here is what I got yesterday...

For Lexi
1 pair of corduroy pants - $5.99
1 pair of khaki sparkly pants with belt - $5.99
1 long sleeve shirt, green with gold hearts - $5.99
1 striped sweater - $5.99
1 velour babydoll zip up hooded sweater - $5.99

For Jacob
1 pair of camouflage cargo pants - $5.99
1 pair of corduroy carpenter pant - $5.99
1 striped sweater - $5.99

For Kadie
1 striped sweater - $5.99
1 long sleeve blue layer tee - $4.99
1 pink/silver plaid jumper - $4.99
1 zip up hoodie - $3.99
1 pair of legging type pants to match hoodie - $4.99

For Adam
1 striped sweater - $4.99
1 thick track jacket - $4.99
1 pair of camouflage pants - $4.99
1 pair of windpants - $4.99
1 pair of khaki cargo pants - $4.99

For Sara
1 striped sweater - $4.99
1 silver sparkly skirt - $4.99
1 zip up hoodie with tiny silver heart on chest - $4.99
1 long sleeve shirt with black heart and bow on chest - $4.99

For a grand total of $126.02 after tax, a savings of $253.83

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Pixel Queen Photography said...

Ugh...I'm not even gonna look. I bought Gymboree for the first time this year and so was friggin' disappointment. The clothes were so cheaply made that most of the shirts fell apart. I love CP and I adored the fall colors.