Monday, January 19, 2009


I was up late Saturday night... slept in on Sunday... had to work at noon.

The morning wasn't so bad. The kids all slept in. I wasn't hungover. I didn't have to drive myself to work. It was all going so nicely.

Then it started to go down hill. This lady came in for an appointment at 130. They arrived early, about 115. They filled out their paperwork and began getting the little girl dresed up nice and pretty to have her pictures taken. I asked if they had a chance to pick out backgrounds and she says, "No, we just got here." I left her alone while she finished dressing the little girl and I returned back when she was brushing her hair. I pointed out the background selection board and began making some suggestions... this is how the conversation played out...

"This is our background selection board here. These are our two birthday backgrounds. The white would look really nice with the number 1."

"No. I don't like the numbers on the white. You can't see them."

I didn't interject with, "Actually you can see them. And besides, the focus is on the child, not the prop." but I should have.

I then continue with some other suggestions... "The pastel or the soft yellow would go well with her dress."

She then snaps at me, "If you give me a minute I will let you know."

I was PISSED. I set the pen and paperwork on the counter and just walked away. I told Sarah she could take over, I was done. There was no reason whatsoever for that woman to snap at me. I did not in anyway interrupt her and I was not trying to rush her along. I was merely doing my job. A job where I do NOT get paid enough to deal with this crap.

Drew and Sarah took over but the little girl was not in a picture taking mood. I went in after a couple of minutes and took over for Drew. I thought the little girl might be scared of him. I got two pictures of her sitting next to the number 1 but that was it. She was done and "grandma" was not even willing to try anything else. She also did not like either of the two really cute pictures I happened to snap of her granddaughter. Oh well. That was done and I could move on.

Sarah and I then went downstairs to get pretzels from Auntie Anne's. I love that place. I always get their pretzel dog and some pretzel sticks with a cherry coke to wash it all down. Drew had already bought me a cherry coke since he owed me a drink from the weekend prior so that was taken care of. Sarah offered to buy the pretzels so I couldn't pass that up. I ordered my usual.

We get back up to the portait studio and dove in to some yummy pretzel goodness. The goodness stopped short when I found a long black hair sticking out of my pretzel dog. I began pulling it out when I realized that it was actually baked IN the dough. Nice. Sarah yelled at me to take it back... I was going to, I just wanted to eat my pretzel sticks before those got cold. She also wanted me to demand something for free... I just don't do that.

I finally made it back down to Auntie Anne's. I walked up and told them there was a hair baked into my pretzel dog. The lady took it from me and didn't say a word. No apology, no offer of a refund or anything else. Now, like I said, I don't ask for anything for free but when someone has a problem... the first thing out of your mouth should be, "I am SO sorry about that. What can I do to make it right?" Then you can ask if they want another whatever it is they are upset about or if they want a refund or something. Usually if there is a problem you go above and beyond to make it right. Nope... this lady just replaced the pretzel dog and didn't say anything until handing it me. Then she said, "Sorry about that." but really, she didn't sound sorry at all. I swear, customer service is a rare art in this city. I think they might actually teach a class just for Savannah employees... "How to Offer Bad Customer Service in Any Given Situation."

I wasn't really that upset with the situation. I get it... hair gets into everything. Trust me, I know. I shed like a shaggy dog. My hair is EVERYWHERE! But this is a place of business that serves food and these people are not even wearing hairnets. They wear visors or hats but nothing that actually keeps the hair in. Anyway, not my point. I just would have preferred a little more sympathy on the employee's part. A woman standing by heard my problem and says, "I really did not need to hear that." To which I replied, "I really didn't need to see it." LoL

I wish I could say that was the end of my bad day but it was not. The day escalated out of control from there. I had plans to go see a movie with Sarah and Victoria but when I got home I found out something that really pissed me off. My husband made a bad judgement call and on top of that he used way too much coke and ketchup for the crockpot porkchops and he washed some of my clothes (that is a big NO-NO, I do my OWN laundry, no one else can touch it.) I was livid. I was screaming at him and he just walked out. I remained mad all night... in fact, I think I am still mad now. Slowly getting back to where I will actually look at him and talk to him. I really hope he doesn't make a mistake like that again, at least for his sake and no, I don't mean doing my laundry, although I may consider divorce if that happens again.


Trace said...

Ugh, sounds like a truly sucky day. And the hair in the pretzel made me *gag* just reading about it. Gross, gross, gross!

Hope your day is better today, and that your hubby has learned his lesson. Ah, men...gotta love 'em. It takes a while to train them properly, though! ; )

Pixel Queen Photography said...

Um, barf?! I can't imagine the frustrations you have to deal with working in that place. People are so pick and irrational with their wants. Hope you have a great day!