Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sloppy Joe Soup

Ever had it? Me either... But, my husband and kids have, all thanks to my lovely husband who was in charge of dinner because I had to work 3-8.

Before leaving for work I told John there was some thawed turkey in the back of the fridge for dinner. I jokingly asked, "You think you can handle making sloppy joes tonight?" He laughed and said he could manage.

Apparently he couldn't. I didn't really think you could mess up sloppy joes but my husband just had to prove me wrong, didn't he. He read the directions on the can of the Manwich (his mistake) which instructed him to add 1 can of Manwich to 3/4 of a pound of ground turkey. Seeing as there was a pound and a half he added two cans (my mistake for deciding to buy two, just in case).

He calls me at work to tell me that he has indeed screwed up the sloppy joes and I was laughing my ass off... in front of a customer, none the less HAHAHAHA! I told him he only needed 1 can, that would have been plenty but there was nothing he could do about it now. He let it sit for a while and it did thicken a bit. The kids ate it still, which was the biggest worry and it looked quite normal when I got home. I didn't try any though... I filled up on pretzel stix and a pretzel dog, yummm.

P.S. I updated yesterday's Movie Review Monday (Fred Claus) so check it out.

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