Monday, January 5, 2009

Movie Review Monday - Mermaids, Marley & Clauses

Over the holiday we got TONS of new movies. However, we only watched ONE! Yes, that is right... one. freakin. movie. Jeez, it is like we were busy or something.

Anyways, we watched The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning with the kids on New Year's Eve. And they all loved it. John and I were amazed at how good it was too (considering it is a third installment of the Disney movie). I also plan on watching Fred Claus today too... hence the title of this post. I will be back later to comment on that one. I also read Marley & Me, which is now a major motion picture topping the box office so I think it is only appropriate that I comment on that as well.

Ariel's Beginning: Great movie for the entire family! We learn of Ariel's mother and how Atlantica was run before what we saw in the 1st movie. Ariel was no less stubborn as a child than she was as a teen. The kids were completely engrossed (besides Adam who was soon asleep) and John and I sat and watched the whole thing. A cartoon, an action movie, a comedy, a drama all rolled into one movie. So glad Lexi asked for this movie for Christmas and even happier that someone obliged. A movie we will undoubtedly be watching over and over again.

Marley & Me: The story of a dog that was good at being bad and great at being Man's Best Friend! The book was great. I have a feeling I probably should have watched the movie before reading the book, since the book is USUALLY better than the movie that was made from it. I wanted to see the movie well before learning there was a book, but when John's aunt received the book for Christmas I just couldn't stop myself from getting it for myself and reading it all in one day. The book made me want to see the movie even more and I plan to... soon. I will post about the differences and similarities in that M.R.M. (that's Movie Review Monday, in case you hadn't caught that). I bet I will like the movie, if not love it. So, read the book, see the movie... it's a great story.

Fred Claus: I plan on watching this sometime today and I will be back to review it. I borrowed it from work and need to return it tomorrow so you can be sure I will be watching it soon. *I finally watched this and man was it great. Definitely one to watch over and over again. It stars Vince Vaughn as Fred Claus, the brother of Santa Claus. I was surprised it was only rated PG and was very family friendly. So versatile... watch it with the girls, watch it on a date, watch it with the kids (or the parents)... perfect anytime. Go watch it!


Penz said...

Good to know about Marley and me, that is my book club selection and I was iffy about reading it. :)

Bri said...

I couldn't put the book down... I had to (to sleep/drive/eat/parent/etc) but I didn't want to. Could have easily read it straight through in one sitting if I had that luxury.

Tiffany said...

Yep I read the book right after it came out in print. I actually went and bought it in a bookstore - thats a big deal for me cause I don't like to pay for books since I can't ever re-read them. Anyway I'm rambling - it was super good and the movie looks good to even though I'm not a huge owen wilson fan. I plan to see it at some point. They are playing it at the drive in theater here LOL yep I said drive in!