Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snuggie! The WTF Blanket!

This commercial comes on about a million and one times a day telling us how cool the Snuggie is. My kids are infomercial junkies and anything they see they think we NEED to get. They go nuts anytime this particular commercial comes on.

Yesterday we were in Bed, Bath and Beyond and guess what we see! Yes, you've got it, the Snuggie! Kadie begs me to buy it but I refuse. Who really needs a Snuggie anyways? Then we were in Walgreens and guess what she saw there... yup... the Snuggie. My god, are they really selling that well?!

Granted, the thought of it intrigued me. I could be completely warm and still type on the computer. I could reach for the remote or my drink without getting cold. But really people, someone is making off of something they didn't even invent. One day someone decided to put their robe on backwards and then a lightbulb went off somewhere and now we have the Snuggie.

And if you ever thought of buying one... take a look at this video. Freakin' hilarious (and not kid friendly).


sarah said...

Ill buy you a snuggie :)

Tiffany said...

LMAO those are so retarded looking but I know that when I have to reach for the remote to turn on oswald AGAIN i get all cold - could come in handy. The only thing that keeps me from buying one - aside from being cheap as heck - is that you look like a retard wearing them. The people in the commercail all look like the pope! LOL

mendyc said...

LMAO love the video! Kyle has been begging for one since he saw the commercial the first time. I won't buy him one either. lol