Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Murphy's Law for Babysitting My Kids

1. Someone will fall asleep before it is bed time, only to wake up from that power nap and be wired (and want a drink or a snack or to watch a movie or to sit with me and only me, or to take a bath or anything else to NOT go back to bed)

2. Someone will have a really messy diaper (that makes me glad she wasn't home)

3. Someone will not want to go to bed (and I won't be surprised one bit because she is a night owl)

4. Someone will want a snack and a drink, then another drink, then another drink, then another drink (then pee the bed)

5. Something will go wrong (burnt popcorn, perhaps)

6. Someone will go to bed without problems (after having that messy diaper changed)

7. Someone will still be up when we get home (waiting on the brownies I promised for later)

8. The house will be a trashed (and I won't even care)

9. I will have enjoyed just the chance to have someone watch my kids so I could get a break (no matter what happened while I was gone)


sarah said...

# 5 belongs to me :)
ill do better next time!

Tiffany said...

Yeah Sara's diapers are pretty dang rough lol. A night out is worth almost anything huh?