Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's For Dinner Wednesday (Yesterday)

We had CiCi's Pizza for Lexi's birthday. Lexi only had two slices of pizza. Usually that girl can put away some cheesy goodness. Jacob had three pieces and a piece of cheesy bread. I had 5 pieces of pizza... yes, that is right. 5 whole pieces LoL John said I was an oinker, but he ate more than I did. I just only made one trip. I had a piece of bbq pizza, taco pizza, sausage pizza, buffalo chicken pizza and I think pepperoni. Their pizza is sooo good.

After eating I spent a little over $5 on video games. Not bad for 7 of us playing games. They had this "Stacker" game that is so addicting. It is kinda like Tetris, only you have to line the blocks up and get all the way to the top. I could totally put one in my house and never get anything done HAHAHAHA!

Tonight we were supposed to have peking porkchops but I forgot to take them out so we will be cleaning up leftovers in the fridge. I already cleaned up the "to die for potroast" from the other day. So yummy and easy. Here is the recipe for that...

1- Beef Roast
1- pkg Brown Gravy mix
1- pkg Italian Dressing mix1- pkg Ranch Dressing mix
1- pkg Onion Soup mix
1- cup water
half way through add veggies if desired (you can also add a can of beef broth also)
cook on low for 7-9 hours

I only had the roast, the onion soup mix and the water. It turned out great though. I cooked on high from 230-530 when I added carrots and red skin potatoes. I continued to cook on high for another three hours. Could have cooked longer, but oh so good anyways.

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