Monday, January 12, 2009

Movie Review Monday - What Would You See?

Tonight John and I are going to see a movie. I am not sure which movie yet so let's see what is playing around here...

Yes Man: Another form of Liar, Liar which was a GREAT movie! Jim Carrey can only say "yes" now to anything that he is asked. The previews for it look great. The critics don't seem to care for it that much but the fan meter says 'GO' (Plays at 655 and 735, if we miss the first, we can make it to the second. Plays at 730 at another theater, further away.)

Marley & Me: Jennifer Aniston & Owen Wilson plays a couple that gets a dog that turns their lives upside down. Looks hilarious. I know it can't be as good as the book but it's a definite on my list of "Movies to See" The critics were quite critical of this one, although the fans say to 'GO' (Plays at 745, would have to wait around if dinner was done early. Plays at 7 at another theater.)

Bride Wars: Best friends Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson find that a mix up has them both wedding on the same day in the same place. Neither is unwilling to change the date and so ensues the Bride Wars. Fan Meter says 'GO' while the critics say 'Don't' (Plays at 645, might be too early. Plays at 730 at another theater.)

Bedtime Stories: Adam Sandler tells stories to his niece and nephew that ultimately start coming true. Looks funny. Gotta love Adam Sandler. Another fan favorite, the critics seem split. (Plays at 715, might be perfect timing but I think I want to wait for video to see with the kids. Plays at 7 at another theater.)

Seven Pounds: The new Will Smith movie. Looks really good. It would probably make me cry though. Critics didn't like it (what do they ever like anyways) and the fans say to 'GO' (Plays at 7)

Australia: I really, really want to see this one but I think it is like 3 hrs long. Critics mostly don't care for it (big surprise there) and the fans like it. I think I would too but not sure I can last three hours in a theater. (Plays at 7, meaning we wouldn't get home til after 10. I think this one is out.)

So, what do you think? What would you see?


Penz said...

Hey love, my son saw Yes Man and said it was good and funny..My daughter just saw Marley and Me yesterday and she said it was really good but sad at the end... I want to see most of those...let me know which you pick and how it was.

Special K said...

I saw the first 2 hours of Australia. It IS long. I loved it though. But I'm a sucker for a true heroine and hero and everything working out. And learning a new culture (australia in the outback and seeing natives) amazes me. We had to leave to meet family. But I will rent it from cable again. The scenery is amazing though, and the little tunes the boy sings are hauntingly beautiful.

Sasha said...

I'd go for Bride Wars. My favorite movies (when I get the chance to go) are the ones I can just sit and enjoy....

We saw Four Christmases a few weeks ago and it was perfect! Just the kind of entertainment I needed.

Oh, and I never like what the critics like.

Bri said...

Penz - I think I am leaning towards one of those

Special K - I think we will wait for dvd for that one, three hours is a long time but especially for one tired mama. I think I would really like it though.

Sasha - Bride Wars is a total chick flick so I'm debating whether I should put hubby through that or not. It is my birthday but I'm not completely selfish either. I saw Four Christmases with a friend already, very cute. We also never agree with the critics.

Now that I have said all that, I am thinking of going with Yes Man. Marley & Me would probably be a good one for the family to watch together even though it is sad at the end.

sarah said...

happy birthday friend :)
i hope youre enjoying the movie
whatever you guys picked out!

Tiffany said...

My MIL said that seven pounds was VERY good and she doesn't even like will smith. I want to see it, Marly & me, and austraila but I will probably have to wait until they are all on video since we no longer have friends to watch the turd! :(