Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In My Email

I sent an email to the Service Dept over at Southern Motors Honda because my mom-mobile is in need of a 30,000 mile service. Here is the email I got back...

Hello Brianna,

The 30,000 mile service consists of the following things:

Oil Change
Brake inspection, adjust, and flush
Replace cabin air filter
Replace air filter
Replace wiper blade inserts
Multi-point inspection – Complementary
Tire rotation
4 Wheel Alignment
4 Wheel Tire Balance
Automatic Transmission Service

This service is $576.70 plus tax and shop supplies. If you get the packaged deal you will save $97.10. The 30,000 mile service takes about 6 ½ to 7 hours, but if you make an appt in advance we can get you a loaner car if one is available at no cost to you. If you have any further questions or would like to make an appointment please feel free to email me back or give me a call. Thank You.

REALLY?! $600 for that?! Actually it could even be more than that considering she says "plus tax and shop supplies" and who knows what that will run me. And who are they kidding about giving me a loaner car? The guy told me he would give me a CRV or similar that would hold the carseats when I went for my last oil change. He really must not have looked in my car. There is no way I can drive 5 kids and myself in a CRV. I also love how the multi-point inspection is complimentary, how nice of them seeing as this ONE service is costing me as much as my van payment.


Special K said...

Crazy!!!! When I had called ahead for a loaner after my car was broken into (and undriveable), a guy came from Enterprise in a truck. With no back seats. I told him to turn right back around and bring a CAR at least. He brought a hybrid Prius that's a joke. It was the ONLY car in the lot. How can you call yourself a car rental place with one car available at a given time?@?

Tiffany said...

Wow if you did all that stuff yourself you'd only be spending like $100 or so but then again considering that it's gonna take them 6 or 7 HOURS (seriously?) I guess that sounds about right since those people get paid like $50+ an hour! A CRV are you serious? Those things are about the same size as my hyundai you wouldn't be able to fit half your kids in that thing! Thats crazy! Can't they loan you one of the many used vans they just have sitting on the lot? Not like anyones buying them!

Pixel Queen Photography said...

I think that sounds really high. Why do they need it so long? I would shop around if I were you. Do you have any local high schools with auto shops? Our local one does oil changes and small things with their students.


Bri said...

Special K - I hate when you reserve a specific vehicle (a van) and they don't have one. Ran into that problem when we went to Kansas City. Ended up having to go through another car rental place in the airport.

Tiffany - I was thinking the same thing about how much that was actually going to cost for that stuff. And about the van... yah, I think all the vans on your property would do me much better for 6-7 hrs. If it was like 3hrs, I could handle something smaller since the older two are in school.

Sandi - the only problem with shopping around is that its a 2007, bought brand new from Southern Motors Honda. I have been taking it there since we got it over 2 yrs ago. They have all records of my service and I don't want to have to worry about voiding the warranty or anything. I know I have the option of going elsewhere but if something major is wrong, I am going to have to take it back to Honda. I've trusted them this long and I don't feel like I have ever been ripped off or pushed into anything unneccessary but just $600 seems WAY high considering the minor 15,000 service entails just about the same stuff but cost less than $200. Then again I skipped on the tire rotation. Hmm, maybe I can skip on it again. Also if I take it in this weekend I can get 25% off any service. Too bad I am still waiting on my W2 ugh!