Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What's For Dinner Wednesday

Since I have to work I am leaving dinner up to the daddy again. I put easy things on the menu for when I was working so he wouldn't have any problems but as you probably know from yesterday's post, that did not go as planned.

Tonight is tacos... not any harder than sloppy joes... hopefully easier.

Honey, if you are reading: brown the ground turkey, drain the grease, add ONE packet of taco seasoning (not the burrito seasoning that I got for Mexican Meatloaf one night since I could only find ONE pack of taco seasoning when I was at the store. I swear they were out of everything I needed. Never again will I do grocery shopping on a Monday evening), fill the seasoning packet with water and add to pan, turn the stove back on and finish cooking to your liking (til most of the water is gone). Should be super yummy and non-soupy!

I love you, baby!

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Penz said...

Dinner...yum.. tonight we are having grilled steaks, thin cut, squash, toma, and zucchini salad, rolls, and fresh green beans...