Friday, January 30, 2009

In My Email - Part 2

I check my email today to have an email from the service manager over at Southern Motors Honda. I had emailed back to find out what my options were for cutting costs on the maintenance. I also asked about using the 25% coupon I received in my email. Here is the response back...

Mrs. W.

Hi my name is Brian and i am one of our service managers in the service dept. There are few options to the 30k service.
My suggestion would be do a minor service which includes,
oil and filter change
inspect and adjust the brakes and flush the entire brake system
battery service
replace the cabin air filter
replace the engine air filter
replace the frt wiper inserts
lube all the windows and doors and do a multi point inspection
rotate the tires
This service is $326.80 but Iwould strongly reccomend to do the transmission service also which is $90.00. What that leaves out is the tire balance and 4 wheel alignment.
I would be glad to reserve you a Pilot since that is the largest loaner veh we have. Thanks for opportunity

Ok, so that puts me at $416.80 much lower than the $576 or whatever quoted last time. However, I still wouldn't be able to last an entire day in a Honda Pilot. He also made no mention of the coupon I referenced. Guess I will just bite the bullet and pay for the major service when our tax refund comes.


Penz said...

We have a Honda too. The service on it is expensive but well worth it. We had our civic for 4 years, did all the maintance and never had anything go wrong on it. We now have an accord and we have not had anything go wrong with that either, our dodge truck now...well thats a whole other hot mess. :) Although to tell you the truth, I didn't pay all that for my maintance. I guess it depends on the area and where you live.

Anonymous said...

Well Chrysler or at least our dealer recommends a fuel injection cleaning at 30k for 400 something alone. Kind of crazy right.