Monday, January 19, 2009

Poopy Review Monday

Since I never got around to watching any movies that I haven't already reviewed this week, I thought I would post a review of Adam's potty training.

We have been going strong, at home, for about a week now. There was one day where he peed on the floor twice... and he knew he was doing it. He ran around naked for a good 4-5 days and we were so proud of him. Just these last two days he has been running around with pants on (no underwear) and I think there is an end in sight.

Today, he ran into the living room wondering where his potty chair was (daddy started redoing the bathroom this afternoon while Adam & Sara napped). His potty chair was in Lexi's room and we cheered as he peed on it. I moved it out into the livingroom so he wouldn't have to go into Lexi's room every time he had to go and just a few minutes ago he said he had to poop.

He has only pooped on the potty a handful of times since John started with potty training back in July. He usually waits until he has a pullup on to do his business. In fact, yesterday he went pee on the potty all day and then as soon as we put a pullup on him to go to bed, that is when he pooped. Today we hit a new potty milestone. He pooped on his potty. This is HUGE, as was his turd. I seriously think I had tears in my eyes seeing that thing. Any mother who has ever potty trained a child will share in my delight at seeing such a sight... if you are the least bit squeamish, or eating... don't look any further.

Something only a mother could be proud of...

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Trace said...

That picture is HILARIOUS! : ) I love your sense of humor, Bri. That is totally something I would take a picture of, too!

(And high-fives to the big boy pooping on the pot! Way to go!!!!)

Pixel Queen Photography said...

Ok, how is it right that I'm jealous of your little one's turd? The only time I see Gunny's are when they are squished in his diaper. One day, hopefully prior to age 18, he'll be potty trained.